August 1942 (Approximate)

to be Prisoner & the Plane that was flying back with some more news crashed & about twenty thousand letters were lost so it may have been in that batch.

            Well Folks, all the Clan is in the best of health Bridget was up in London for a week’s holidays stopping at Jimmy McCoys he has a boarding house in Victoria.  & its quite a decent place he is still in the best of health.  Mother & Dad are still getting along grand, I was home for a weeks leave in July & it seemed to buck them up with me around the house getting in their way. & making them stop thinking to much about Mick as it wont do anything towards getting news any quicker & the worrying is only getting them down so I hope that we get word soon.

            The rest of the Courtney Family are in the best of health.

           Well I geuss thats about all the news at the moment so give my love to Maureen and the Baby & all the rest of the clan & I wish you all victory & peace shortly or when I take the air So

Cherrio & Best of Luck

Your Kid


P.S. Like my envelopes


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