November 1942 (Approximate)


they are properly fumigated or exterminate & I hope its soon.  Mother James or Margaret have written home in the last twelve months & I donít think its playing the game as the Old folks have come thru quite a lot in the last four years.  & they havenít so much as inquired if they are dead or alive.  Give all our regard from this side to the folks we no their & wish them all the greetings of the year.

            Mum & Dad are still getting along OK.  They came & put six Irish chaps in the house but the seem to be decent chaps as they help to do the work around the house but I guess they have to stop somewhere.  Bridget & the Family are still doing well she has two people stopping with her & Joe he is left school & has started to work he is welding in an arments factory & he is doing very well, We still havenít had any word about Michael yet.  Bridget wrote to the Vatican City & they


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